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Teo Hernandez (1939-1992), Catherine Diverrès et Bernardo Montet, vers 1987. Série sur la danse, Paris, musée national d’Art moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou.
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Hello! This is my first submission and I’m quite nervous. I originally wanted to take a photo showing both my favorite parts and my flaws, but I chickened out last minute. Maybe eventually. :) Anyways, I love everything about this photo, my hips especially, and wanted to highlight them. The morning light on my body certainly helped haha
Hiya! This is stunning! I love this picture so much! The clean line, the lighting, the shading, it’s wonderful! You have a fantastic hip and waistline, just a wonderful curve. Your hip is highlighted perfectly too. I’d love to see some more submissions or images you you. Thanks for submitting to cuddle club! :) x
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Last one for today, goodnight all !
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Take a seat
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Sex Secrets Every Girl Should Know
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